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KEEP WHAT YOU PULL DAY - An annual Sunken Garden event.

Out with the old, in with the new - To make room for summer annuals the Sunken Gardens open early on one morning soon after the tulip display has finished blooming to allow community members to come in and pull tulips to take home and plant in their own gardens. The tulips are first come - first serve, with no maximum limit on the amount of tulips that you take. Staff will be on hand to ask questions about successfully re-planting tulips at home.

: Spring 2015 - TBD - North Sunken Garden Gate

$5 Donation Requested with your Entrance to the Event.

Location: The Garfield Park Sunken Garden

Orange Cassini
Design Impression (pink)
Yellow King

Email Updates: You can also be added to an email alert of this event date by clicking here clicking here. Simply type "ADD ME TO THE LIST" in the subject line of your email, and an email update will be issued to you on the times and locations of this popular event as it approaches. We use the same list each year, so you do not need to send a request if you received notice in the past.

Fun for everyone! - This annual event is fun for everyone. A day for kids and grown-ups to put their play clothes on and get messy! Don't miss this educational and interactive day at the gardens--its one of a kind! There is no registration necessary, but we do request a $5 donation to the Friends of Garfield Park, Inc., upon your entrance to the gardens the morning of the event. The flowers go quickly so don't be late.


Due to the popularity and high attendance of this event you will be expected to bring all of your own tools and take-away equipment.

We recommend bringing: gloves, knee pads, heavy-duty trash bags, 5 gallon buckets, shovels/garden spades, and brooms. (The brooms are for cleaning up after yourselves--don't worry, that's fun too.)

A note on spontaneity -- Due to the high attendance of event and to the unpredictable nature of the tulip bloom time, this event always happens on short notice and on a weekday. This event will happen regardless of rain or cold. Please use your judgement regarding severe weather. The event will be postponed until weather is safe.

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