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Photographs of the landscape and botanical collection intended for personal enjoyment may be taken in the Conservatory and Sunken Garden without a permit using a handheld camera only.

All portrait photography requires a photo shoot permit. The use of tripods and professional photography equipment is strictly prohibited unless the photography shoot is prearranged and paid for through the conservatory staff.

To arrange a photography session please contact us in person, via email or call our office. FAQ

Portrait permits are issued at the discretion of the park staff and will not be granted during shows or special events.

Need help deciding which contract you'll need?

Portrait Photography is photography with one or more people featured as the main subject of the picture(s). This includes, but is not limited to, engagement, graduation, senior, prom, wedding, and family photos. Photo shoots in the conservatory and Sunken Garden require a permit and must be scheduled in advance with a member of the conservatory staff. Individuals taking portraiture in the gardens without a permit will be asked to leave. If Conservatory staff suspects that this is a professional shoot, participants will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.

All patrons wishing to take portrait photography at the Garfield Park Conservatory and/or Sunken Garden need to have a photo permit that is scheduled in advance. You may schedule your photo shoot to occur any time between 11am - 3pm.

Three types of photo permits are available:

• $25 per hour Permit:
Non-professional Photographers with groups of 4 or less people total This is for photo shoots being performed by non-professional photographers who are not being paid for their services. To qualify for this fee, the photo shoot group (including photographer) must be 4 or less people.

• $75 per hour Permit: Professional Photographers and any group of 5 or more This is for professional photographers and anyone using professional equipment. This fee is also for non-professional photographers who’s groups have 5 or more people (including photographer).

• Commercial Photo Shoot Permit: $250 for up to 5 hours and $450 for up to 10 hours This is for commercial photographers and must be set-up with the Conservatory manager.

All fees are determined and voted on annually by the Indianapolis Parks Board and are non-negotiable.

Photo shoot guidelines for all arranged photography: The following are guidelines that all photographers and individuals must follow during the photo shoot. These guidelines exist for your safety and the health of our plant collection.

• All participants in photo shoot will be charged current admission to the Conservatory.

• Everyone must remain on the paths. Do not step off the paths into the flowerbeds, on plants, or any other structure.

• Do not move or rearrange any plants or props. No leaning on plant supports, trees, trellis, gazebo, or any other structure.

• Do not sit on bricks, waterfall, props, fountain, or any other structure. Sitting on benches and the paths is permitted.

• Other than one tripod, professional photography equipment is not permitted.

• Do not block or obstruct any paths while taking pictures. Under no circumstances will your photo shoot impede visitor or traffic flow.

• There is no dressing area or restroom facility for changing clothes.

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