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Professional Photographer



One is considered a professional photographer if:

  • the clients are paying the photographer to take the pictures

  • You have a business for your photography and it is your main source of income, whether or not the clients in particular are paying you. For example if you are a friend or relative and doing the work pro bono.

If you are considered a professional photographer, it does not matter the size of your group, you would need to purchase the $75 permit.

One is considered a non-professional photographer if:

  • A family member or friend is taking the pictures and not getting paid and does not do photography for a living.

If you have more than 5 people in your party (including the photographer) then you would need to purchase the $75 permit

*Note only 12 people can be in a photoshoot in the Conservatory. This does not apply to the Sunken Garden.

If you have 5 or less in your party (including the photographer) you can purchase the $25 permit.

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