Photo Gallery

Tropical Plant Collection

This photo gallery is a reflection of some of the plants that are currently blooming or fruiting.
Powderpuff Tree
Calliandra hematocephala
Golden Dewdrops
Duranta erecta
Diacattleya Orchid
Diacattleya sp.
Tropical Pitcher Plant
Nepenthes sp.
Shrimp Plant
Justicia brandegeeana
Coffea arabica
Cacao Tree
Theobroma cacao
Neoreglia sp.
Flamingo Flower
Anthurium sp.
Pink Justicia
Justicia carnea
Squirrel's Tail Plant
Justicia betonica
Ixora coccinea
Buddha Belly Plant
Jatropha podagrica
Golden Candle
Pachystachys lutea
Red Ginger
Costus speciosus