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Mon- Sat: 10-4:30 PM

Sun: 1-4:30 PM

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Mission & Dedication

Located to the east of the Conservatory, Blake's Garden at Garfield Park is a space designed for children and families to explore the wonders of nature, engage in outdoor play and use their imagination and creativity.

About Blake:

Blake W. Bowell grew up on the Southside of Indianapolis. He played at Garfield Park, worked at Garfield Park and spent some of his last days on earth at Garfield Park. He loved Garfield Park. 

Blake, the son of Mark Bowell and LeDania Carmichael, and grandson of long-time Garfield Park residents David and Dale Bowell, was born on May 5, 1992 and lived an adventurous and courageous life before passing away on June 5th, 2017 after a four-year battle with brain cancer.


This children's garden honors the life he lived and also the courage all must embody when facing the fight against cancer.


From the Friends of Garfield Park Website

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Garden Etiquette

1.    Explore together and have fun.
Adults are responsible for monitoring children to ensure everyone follows the rules. The Garden is designed to be fun, but please visit the park’s playground for more active play.


2.    Leave the picking to us.
Look, touch, and smell – but don’t pick it if you didn’t plant it. Flowers and vegetables are grown for display and educational purposes only. Also, please don't feed the chickens anything from the garden or anything you've brought. They have a diet monitored by staff.

3.    Help us keep the Garden clean.

This area is not for picnicking. Shelters and picnic tables can be found elsewhere in the park. Take all other trash with you when you leave. Tables may be needed for program use at any time.

4.    No Pets. Certified Service Animals welcome.

The rest of the park grounds welcome dogs held securely on a leash.

Unfortunately, many garden displays and activities are not compatible with pets.


5.    We are Smoke Free Zone.
No smoking within 20 feet of the perimeter of the Garden.


Exploration Ideas

Name the 5 senses. Practice using those senses in the Sensory Garden.

Explore the Alphabet Garden. Can you think of other plants that start with each letter of the alphabet?

How many different colors of flowers can you find? How about leaves?

What's your favorite animal? Can you find it in the Animal Garden?

Take a few moments to observe a flower in the Pollinator Garden. What animals visit the flower? What do you think they are doing, besides pollinating?

Animals have four basic habitat needs: food, water, shelter and space. Can you find all four in the Garden?

Alphabet Cubes
Drawing of Fox
Watercolor Butterfly 19
Pink Daisy

How many kinds of fruits can you find? How about vegetables? Do you know what part of the plant you eat, when you are eating said fruit or vegetable?

Two Raspberries

Visit our decomposing log and soil area. Flip over a log. What do you see?

Tree Trunk

What kinds of animals live in trees? How many different kinds of trees can you find in the garden? Why are trees important?

Big Tree
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